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1. Carrying Case

l        Water resistant

l    8mm of protective foam inner lining

l        Crush proof rugged design

l        Static load test1000kg, dynamic load test200kg.    

l        Dimensions: W180 X H120 X D42 mm

2. Cleaning Tool

Cleaning Tool complete with a wax removal loop.

3. Magnus 1 – IC

1)      3.5 to 3.5 interconnect

2)      Comprised of the same materials as the Magnus 1 Cable (cohesive set for those that purchase both the Magnus 1 and the Magnus 1 – IC)

3)      Palic 3.5 Jacks

Price: $69

CIEM Heir Audio Customers Discount:$49

4. Magnus 1 Cable

The Magnus 1 cable is specially designed and manufactured as an up-grade over the standard cable. As always, quality is the core value of Magnus 1 with the following features:

1) More silver content compared to the standard CIEM cables

2) Braided Kevlar placed within the cable, adding more strength and durability while the standard cable utilizes nylon.

3) Neurtrik 3.5 mm gold plated TRS jack, adding durability and confidence.


CIEM Heir Audio Customers Discount: $110

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