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1. Does the Timbre Line Use Real Wood?

Yes, the woods we use are all high quality exotic woods, hand selected and graded for aesthetic quality. Like all of the materials we use, they are carefully implemented in order to inspire sense of awe and intrigue.

2. Does Heir Audio use “real” carbon fiber?

Yes, we use real carbon fiber, built to our specifications. We take the slogan “Fit for a King” seriously and we hope you do to too.

3. How long is the build time?

Production is fairly long due to the high level of craftsmanship that is required to build our products. Our current build time is 4 to 6 work weeks, and this does not include shipping/transit time. The time stated above, is strictly and estimation, and there may be some unforeseen delays. If you prefer your order to be built faster, we recommend that you select the rush order option.

4. How can I speed up the build time

We can do a rush order for an additional 280 dollars USD. Your order can be finished within 4-6 weeks after receiving your ear impressions.

5. Does the advertised price include shipping cost?

No, shipping costs and duty/custom fees are not included in the pricing.

6. How long do you make your canal?

We make the ear canals as long as we can while maintaining the goal of a secure fit coupled with comfort.

7. What material are your CIEMs made of?

Medical grade hypoallergenic hard acrylic imported from Germany.

8. What is the Heir Audio “Ownership Transfer Service” policy?

CIEMs are custom made to each individual owner. Some people may be leery of purchasing a CIEM due to their limited resell value. We have decided to offer a limited “Owner Transfer Service” policy. If a person purchases an Heir Audio CIEM second hand, the second owner may have the product remolded to fit them for 99$. This service and price are only  available for the second and third owner, excluding the original owner.The impressions of OTS should be different from the shape of original earphone.The product will be remolded into a “Standard” CIEM. (Standard = Acrylic shell, with matching acrylic face plate colors) All additional options are available to the second owner with additional fees. (remold) The Ownership Transfer Service can be extended two times for the life of a product. Each new owner is required to sign the back of the Original Ownership card.

9. Does Heir Audio offer reshelling services to third party monitors?

Yes we do! Effective September 1, 2013, Heir Audio begins to offer reshelling services for both Heir Audio products and the third-party monitors. The services include the reshelling from a universal monitor to a customized one, or from the third party monitors to Heir Audio CIEM designs. To offer reshelling services will allow more audiophiles to appreciate the beauty of the innovative designs and impeccable craftsmanship by Heir Audio. Offering a wide range of options, the reshelling fees range from $99 to $300 plus individual artworks as selected. The reshelling has a three month free refit policy.

10. Could you please explain the 2 year storage of the acrylic Ear Mold Impression?

We realize that things happen. You may lose, or crush, your Heir Audio CIEMs. There may be times when your CIEM needs to be replaced or remade. You may even decide to purchase a different product, but in order to do that; you would traditionally be required to submit new ear mold impressions.

If you select the 2 year storage program, you will not have to send us new impressions. We will make a second acrylic cast of your ear mold impressions and we will keep this cast for 2 years from the time that your CIEM was produced. You will not need to visit your local audiologist, or worry about shipping your impressions to us for two years.

11. What is the fit policy?

Thirty days from the date of shipping. If during this time you experience discomfort due to a poor fit, we will remake or adjust your CIEMs at no extra cost. (Shipping costs are your burden) We will not remake a product based on color discrepancies.

12. What is the process to get the impressions/molds?

Please take our Impression Instruction document with you to an audiologist. NOTE: We request that the impression be taken with the mouth in “open” position, and high viscosity impression material be used.

13. Do you offer custom artwork? Which format do you require?

At this point in time, we offer simplistic artwork. If you would like artwork on your CIEM faceplate, we accept high quality JPG, PNG or PSD files.

14. Do you offer Laser Engraving:

Yes we do, see the order form for more details.

15. Does Heir Audio Accept Batch orders?

We do, but it should be understood:
1) We can only accept up to 3 orders within one batch order
2) Only one crush proof box will be shipped among the orders
3) Some models require more time to build than other models, due to this expect some build time delay.

16. Do you provide the option for recessed sockets?

We only use non-recessed sockets.

17. How do I ship my ear mold impressions and earphone?
Here are the shipping instructions of impressions or earphones to be repaired below:

Company Name: Micro-DSP/Heir Audio Division

Shipping Address: Floor 10, Tower C, Chengdu International Commerce Building 136 Bin Jiang Dong Road Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China

Postcode: 610021

Tel: +8628-8667-8148 Ext. 6609

Contact Name: "Sunny"

Item Description: "Sample Ear Mold Impressions"/ "Sample Earphone"

Value: "No commercial value" & "Value less than 5 USD"/"Value less than 20 USD"

It is best to protect your ear mold impressions with a sturdy box.

Please kindly note that if there is any import tax because of the high value marked on the waybill from the sender, the sender should take care of the tax.

If order for us to ship your CIEM back to you, we need your:


Complete Address

Telephone Number (Very Important)

You may also ship your ear mold impressions to Chinese Address:

联系人: 张小姐

18. Shipping Instructions for customers located in North America
For orders of non-custom products to be shipped within North America, 2-3 business day shipping is available for $29.

Please note that North American customers ordering custom products could choose to send their ear mold impressions and order form to our US office to be analyzed and then forwarded or to Heir Audio Labs in China directly. But it will take about one more month from US office to China. To US office, cost-saving; to lab in China, time-saving. Custom products will still be crafted at the Heir Audio Labs and will be sent directly to the customer upon completion.

Heir Audio US office address:

Heir Audio USA Shipping Center

1075 Hadley Ave N, Suite 107, Oakdale,

MN 55128, USA
Email: HeirAudio.US@Gmail.com
Tel: (888) 486-6897

19. How do I send Heir product for service?

If you find that you need to send any Heir Produact for service etc, please contact us for shipping instructions.

20. Order Change Policy

Due to the complicated nature of producing CIEM devices and also in order to speed up our production, it is decided that once the order has been submitted and confirmed, any changes to the existing order will have to pay for a fee of US$79.00. It is our hope that this will allow you to have enough time to make well thought decisions. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact our specialized consultants.

21. 请问国内销售需要收17%增值税吗?

Heir Audio是加拿大公司,按照中国外商投资法,任何境内交易必须在销售时缴纳增值税,任何出口必须在海关缴纳增值税,这是中国的税法,Heir Audio必须严格遵守。目前产品价格是不含税的净价,希望国内客户充分理解。Heir Audio将通过最佳的服务和最优秀的产品来回报客户的支持。

22. Couldn't find your question?

Email: heiraudio@micro-dsp.com or heiraudio@gmail.com or sunny@micro-dsp.com or heiraudio.us@gmail.com

Tel: +8628-8667-8148 or 8248 Ext.6608
Fax: +86-28-8667-6748

Skype: HeirAudio
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heirsaudio
Tumblr: http://heiraudios.tumblr.com/

Twitter: www.twitter.com/heir_audio
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/heiraudio

Instagram: http://instagram.com/heiraudio

IM: heiraudio@yahoo.com

23. New logo for Heir 10.A

As a top model in the Heir Audio product line, Heir 10. A deserves a new distinctive logo to compliment its superiority in quality and exquisite design. This logo consist of the first initial of Heir Audio, yet beautifully merged together to represent the core value of our innovation and artistic vision! In addition, the well balanced letters in the logo mimic the complicated engineering structure of balanced armature drivers, the key components of Heir monitors.

24. Heir Audio VIP Membership

Become a VIP Member

Qualified after the first purchase of Heir Audio high-end IEM or CIEM monitors.

Become a member after making a successful refer to purchase premium Heir Audio monitors.

Membership Privileges:

• Exclusive customer services: phone, e-mail or Skype etc;
• 10% off of all the new orders;
• Free making impressions to hard mold for permanent storage;
• One time 20% off new orders after successful referral to Heir Audio;
• 10% off of repair cost for IEM & CIEM monitors;
• Free shipping twice. (Only for mainland)
• Expedited products delivery and exclusive special offers

25. Disclaimer for Transportation

Please kindly note that Heir Audio is not responsible for the delay of delivery of ear impressions, repaired earphone and finished orders by third-party post or express methods which are not under our control. And Heir Audio doesn’t accept any refund for the reason of slow transportation caused by the carriers. Your understanding is very appreciated.

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