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Heir 3.A S


· 3 Precision Tuned Balanced Armature Drivers

· Three Way Passive Cross Over Design

· One  Balanced Armature Driver for Low Frequency Production

· One  Balanced Armature Driver for  Medium Frequency Production

· One  Balanced Armature Driver for High Frequency Production

· OxiCap Capacitor

· Vishay Resistor

· Hypoallergenic, Hard Acrylic Shells

· Noise Isolation: -26dB

· Impedance :25Ω

Included Accessories:

· Detachable Standard Cable

· Crush Proof Carrying Case

· Cleaning tool

· Band

Acoustic Characteristics

We are proud to introduce the 3.A S, as it presents an acoustic response with a little extra bump in the bass and good crisp highs. It was built for the audio enthusiasts that like fair amount of low frequency representation, coupled with good clean sound. The 3.A S carries three precision balance armature drivers, one large one for bass production and two small ones for middle and high frequency production. The 3.A S is a great product that will put a little “spring” in your step and a smile on your face.

Price: $449

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