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Heir Audio VIP Membership

Become a VIP Member:   •Qualified after the first purchase of Heir Audio high-end IEM or CIEM monitors. •Become a member after making a successful refer to purchase premium Heir Au...check details

Shipping Instructions for customers located in North America

For orders of non-custom products to be shipped within North America, 2-3 business day shipping is available for US$29.   Please note that North American customers ordering custom products cou...check details

Could you please explain the 2 year storage of the acrylic Ear Mold Impression?

We realize that things happen. You may lose, or crush, your Heir Audio CIEMs. There may be times when your CIEM needs to be replaced or remade. You may even decide to purchase a different product, but...check details

Does Heir Audio offer reshelling services to third party monitors?

Yes we do! Effective September 1, 2013, Heir Audio begins to offer reshelling services for both Heir Audio products and the third-party monitors. The services include the reshelling from a universal m...check details

How can I speed up the build time?

We can do a rush order for an additional USD280 and your order will be finished within 5-7 working days....check details

How do I ship my ear mold impressions and earphone?

Here are the shipping instructions of impressions or earphones to be repaired below: Company Name: Micro-DSP/Heir Audio Division Shipping Address: Floor 10, Tower C, Chengdu International Commerce...check details

Does the Timbre Line Use Real Wood?

Yes, the woods we use are all high quality exotic woods, hand selected and graded for aesthetic quality. Like all of the materials we use, they are carefully implemented in order to inspire sense of a...check details

Does Heir Audio use “real” carbon fiber?

Yes, we use real carbon fiber, built to our specifications. We take the slogan “Fit for a King” seriously and we hope you do to too....check details

How long is the build time?

Production is fairly long due to the high level of craftsmanship that is required to build our products. Our current build time is 5-8 working weeks, and this does not include shipping/transit time. T...check details

Does the advertised price include shipping cost?

No, shipping costs and duty/custom fees are not included in the pricing....check details