2017 Heir Audio Summer SALE

The summer sale is coming! During June 20th to July 20th, 2017, you will be offered:
1.25% off for CIEM 4.A S and 10.A
2.20% off for all IEMs(HISO excluded)
3.Free Technas cable for all orders
4.Half price for Wood & Carbon Fiber Faceplates For Reshelling Service
Besides, deposited $20 before June 20, 00:00AM(GST+8) and you can get $80 to buy all Heir Audio products during the June 20th - July 20th ,12:00PM, 2017(GST+8). 
P.S. The deposit is only available for the orders over USD200, and the $20 will not be refunded if you give up finishing the order.

Click here to deposit