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To Cool the Summer with Heir Audio Sales

What would be the best thing to do in the hot summer? While watching the World Cup, listen to your favorite music with Heir Audio's innovative in-ear monitors! To cool the summer, Heir Audio announces a 25% off on all existing monitors, from the newest Heir 2 Ai to Heir 8.A, and from Rendition 1 to Magnus 1 cables. Come on and join us in the summer special sales!

The New Heir 2-Driver Universal Released

Heir Audio is pleased to announce that Heir 2. Ai, the long expected 2-driver in-ear monitors, is officially released worldwide. The new 2-driver universal monitors deliver impressive sound quality as described by an acoustic engineer:  "with powerful bass and balanced sound signature, Heir 2 Ai easily stands out in a crowded market for entry level monitors".


Heir 2.Ai continues to carry the well-known signature of sophisticated designing and excellent craftsmanship, easily differentiating Heir's technologies from others. Unlike other universal monitors by Heir Audio, Jim Zhou, the Chief Engineer, states that the release of the most amazing monitors is the results of the joint efforts by sound engineers and shell designers from Canada, Japan and China. The ear canal portion of the shells has been digitally modeled from various human ears thanks to the ear-data bank accumulated for the last 15 years. As a result, Heir 2. Ai is built in an ergonomically crafted shell that comfortably fits into nearly all ears with little difficulty. The satin finish of the Heir 2. Ai faceplate has employed the most advanced anodizing technology, commonly seen in premium watch manufacturing, to show off the artistic sophistication and value of Heir monitors. As one user states, the sandblasting finish of the Heir 2.Ai faceplate beautifully reflects the guiding principle of Heir Audio in building its monitors, that is, handmade craftsmanship.  


At $179, the promotional price tag for new Heir 2. Ai has a great value for those who look for premium monitors of excellent sound quality with a limited budget. Heir Audio begins to ship those beautiful monitors worldwide as of April 1, 2014.

The Chinese New Year Holiday Notice!

From January 31 through February 6, 2014, China will have its New Holiday. While our sales team remains at your service, Heir Audio will close for production during the time. We will continue to receive orders and provide services as needed. At this time, we thank you all for your support, trust and more importantly your friendship with Heir Audio.  Wish you all a very happy, healthy and enjoyable Year of the Horse!


Heir Audio

January 27, 2014

It is Unbelievable!

Last week's notice had a typo error, a word "unreliable" was used. It should be "unbelievable". This is an unacceptable mistake and we sincerely apologize for this.


Heir Audio
Jan 19, 2014 

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