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Hot summer, Cool savings!

The hot summer is coming and our cool savings is beginning! During August 15th to 31th, 2016(GST+8), all monitors, Magnus1 and Rendition1 are 15% off. You can get your favorite Heir Audio products with the incredible prices.
Besides, the first ten online orders will get special gifts for free! Come on and enjoy the sweet summertime! 

Join The Football Carnival And Grab Your Prizes!

The European Cup, will start at 3:00 am, June 11,2016(GST+8), all football fans are looking forward  to the every four years’ festival, including the engineers of HeirAudio(a high-end headset brand which provides customized and personalized earphones), so what happens to the earphones when half of the engineers of HeirAudio are soccer fans? Six kinds of specially designed EuroCup themed earphones are coming! Choose a headset with your favorite team logo to support your team------maybe you can get a theme earphone for free! 

A prize-giving guess contest game will be held on Facebook during the games, please pay close attention to our account @HeirAudio. We will post questions regularly, please share your predictions under the questions. The outstanding winners will get a pair of headphones (4Ai S or 4A S), which deliver a sound signature that should satisfy those that listen to classical, jazz or those that demand accuracy and charity. The 4A S is valued at $699 and the 4AiS is valued at $399. So join the football carnival with HeirAudio and grab your prizes!
Happy Easter

Welcome, Easter! Join us and celebrate! The Easter campaign means a whole week happy hour, from Mar.26th to Mar.31st, 2016(GST+8). We give you:

1.15% off for 2, 4 & 10 drivers CIMEs and IEMs.

2. Free laser engraving and personalized box.

Happy Easter and enjoy the wonderful spring time!

The Interview Record About Heir Audio By Head Pie

Weeks ago, a worldwide famous headphone blog - Headpie made an exclusive interview with Macross , the managing director of Heir Audio about its brand, products and its unique application of audiology tech. Do refer the following link for the original interview.

Download link


As a senior music enthusiast, the blogger told us that the moment he heard Heir Audio 10.A, he was pleasantly surprised. When he talked about 10.A with other audiophiles, he knew exactly how highly they thought of it. To get more to know of Heir Audio, he contacted us and wanted to do the interview. We were deeply touched so our managing director Macross decided to get this interview no matter how busy he was. In the exclusive interview, Macross introduced the development and the future plan of Heir Audio, including the information of our new product - Heir Auido12.A. The following is the interview record.

Head Pie(The following abbreviations HP): Welcome to Head pie.

the managing director of Heir Audio(The following abbreviations MD): Thanks and it is our pleasure to chat with you about our company and products. Head Pie is an excellent platform and we certainly feel privileged.

HP: First of all tell us a little about yourself and the company, present and historical.

(NOTE: There is an outline on your website, could you please go into more detail for the benefit of our readers - this is the interesting part for many our readers).

MD: Great! I am the managing director of Heir Audio responsible marketing and sales, directly reporting to Dr. David Jiang, the founder of Heir Audio. I have received extensive business training overseas and prior to joining Heir Audio, I have worked in a number of similar companies in China. Yes you are right that there is quite bit information about Heir Audio not only from our website, but also from a great number of other music or business websites.

First I would like to point out that although Heir Audio launched in-ear music monitors in 2012, as a business division and later an independent company, it is a spin- off from Micro-DSP Technology Co. Ltd, a well known technology innovator since 1999. Yes, our company has been in business for 17 years! Heir Audio can achieve a huge success in a very short period of time largely thanks to the extensive research and development for many years, supported by more than 60 patents and 30 trademarks around the world. If you search for SpeechEasy, you will find this innovative device was created back in 2002 and became an instant hit to treat people with fluency disorders. It was twice introduced by Opera Whinfrey and reported by all the media around the world.

Second please allow me to clarify some confusion that your readership may be interested to know. We understand that out there one or two individuals made some confusing statements about Heir Audio. I can tell you that Heir Audio is part of Micro-DSP and has build up its expertise and products from the work and experience of MDSP. Those individuals were former employees, trained and taught at Heir Audio. As an old saying goes, Rome is not built in a day and this is quite true of Heir Audio.

Heir Audio now carries a full line of innovative CIEMs and IEMs to satisfy all needs of audiophiles around the world. Heir Audio carries a product line that caters to many different acoustic tastes. Products range from flat frequency response, to hard hitting bass coupled with crisp highs. Be prepared for crystal clean highs, allowing you to hear recording nuances that you never noticed before, be prepared for a bass response that belongs in your living room, and be prepared for audio ecstasy. Just for this interview, I have counted our global users and am pleasantly surprised to know that we have actually delivered products to 44 countries and regions! Heir Audio is supported by a team of more than 60 people with different expertise from acoustics to auditory science. Unlike others, we have built almost everything for our products, such as IC boards, wires and even special amplifiers, just to name a few, because we believe this will fully utilize our technologies and experience, thus benefiting our clients when they purchase our unique products.
Sorry about this long introduction because it seems to me there is so much that I would like to share with your readers.

Heir 4.A S

Heir 5.A

Heir 10.A

HP: Heir Audio has a wide general IEM range but you are probably more famous for the beautiful Custom in ears that you produce. Please tell us about your current Custom IEM product line up.

MD: Thanks for the compliment. Yes indeed Heir Audio is best known for developing a wide range of CIEMs. Presently, we carry five models of CIEMs, that is, 3.A S, 4.A S, 5.A, 8.A and the flagship 10.A. As you are ware, each model is named for the numbers of drivers used. Like 3. A S has three drivers and 10.A has ten. Each model has its own sound signature and characteristics, of course with the different prices as well. People can choose the model according to their personal liking or music preferences. There is no doubt that 10.A is the one most sought after and of course loved for its outstanding sound performance and most exquisite faceplate designs. As one of 10.A users said that after trying a few similar models out there, 10. A is the best ever so far.

HP: You seem to utilize a wide range of materials and I understand you were the first to use wood. Tell us about the many different face plates and methods of constructive you employ.

MD: That is quite true, we are the first one. I can remember when we first launched the wood faceplate designs; there were some doubts about this, partly because of the concern of the durability of the wood and partly of the huge difficulty of making those at the lab. The immediate acceptance by some of the most picky music critics has pleasantly validated our vision and innovation. There are two things that I can share with your readers about this. The first and the most important thing are to search for the best exotic wood out there possible to reflect what we feel would be the beautiful by definition. We have developed quite a few criteria for this and some of them are still the secrete recipes. However, just for your readers, I am willing to risk my job to reveal that we have employed a set of traditional Chinese Taoist standards as the basis for the judgment of the Beautiful Wood for our monitors that is Yin and Yang, or called Taiji.  We believe any eye catching designs of exotic wood for our monitors will have to achieve the balance of Yin and Yang in that either soft wood texture lines or sharp twists of wood, for example, will have to match each other to produce a balanced visual beauty, regardless how different each of them. We will spare no efforts to find any wood of this nature.
The second thing is the craftsmanship that we have developed to make those beautiful wood monitors. I can only tell you that for each CIEM, we have to complete at least 30 procedures from simply cut to minute grinding. Some special designs may take as long as 2 or 3 days to hand make.

HP: The Heir 10.A could be considered your current flagship CIEM and the product that most of our readers lust after of Heir Audio. Could you tell us a little about the development and design of this technological wonder.

MD: This is my favorite topic and I can talk this for ever; however, as there is a little time for this, please allow me to briefly touch on this. As far as I can remember right after we launched 8.A, a huge success then, and our engineers thought the need for a more powerful, balanced yet wide-dynamic monitor. In our blueprint, we have a number of designs which are based on BA drivers we have selected with different configurations of sound processing characteristics and configurations. This process actually took us nearly a year before we have decided the final design. Then we built a number of 10.A prototypes and sent them for testing. Based on the feedbacks, we had made some modifications on the original design and in another 3 months, we feel the 10.A is ready!

I should point out that Heir 10.As are more than an upgrade from Heir 8.As in that the significant improvements of sound quality and music expression can only be described as a new beginning of the top monitors in their own category. The 10-BA driver monitors with four way designs are carefully engineered for better sound separation and layering. The Heir Audio's unique MSPM (Mathematic Sound Processing Model) simulates millions of sound combinations so that those 10 drivers can produce, at the same time, the most accurate yet magic representation of music with little trace of artificial maneuver often seen in others. Bold, warm, neutral, rich, balanced, detailed large sound stage, tight bass, full mids and steady trebles are frequently quoted to depict the remarkable sound signature of Heir 10. A. More importantly, it can perform all kinds of music genres whatever you prefer. With 10.A, you can get what you want. I can only tell you how much work has been put on and how many experts have been involved to develop this technology  sound wonder! Looking back all is worthwhile!

HP: When I think of Heir Audio photos on forums of gorgeously crafted Custom IEMs automatically come to mind, but you have also have several affordable entry level IEMs the $199 2 Ai and the $299 3 Ai S.

Heir 2.Ai

Heir 3.Ai S

HP: What could I expect from these two IEMs?

MD: We hope every one has the chance to enjoy our products so we provide products of different levels to meet different needs. As you said, 2.Ai and 3.Ai S are positioned as the entry level, but their quality and performance are not comprised at all. 3.Ai S is also built with solid crafting, just like other models. And it has received many positive feedbacks from the users for its nice sound and craftsmanship. 2.Ai and 3.Ai S are very good choices for who wants to entry the BA rank but with limited budget.

Heir 4.Ai S

Heir Tzar 350

HP: Then we have the next tier. Which is also in the affordable bracket for many purchasers of IEMs. The 4 Ai. S, Tzar 90 and Tzar 350.

MD: 4.Ai S sells very well among the IEMs. The 4.Ai S offers all the advantages of an IEM, built with the same exacting standards of all Heir Audio products. The 4.Ai S, like its cousin the 4.A S offers a clean neutral sound signature that should satisfy those that listen to classical, jazz, and acoustic or those that demand accuracy and clarity. Hear every breath, every turn of the page, even the “tic” of a metronome. “If it’s in the music, it’s in the music.
Tzar 90 and Tzar 350 are specially designed for who likes high-impedance earphone. Both of them are named with their impedance. Like the impedance of Tzar 90 is 90Ω. It is very simple but easy to be remembered. Normally, we suggest users using our amplifier-Rendition 1 with the Tzar series monitors to make it play out better.

Heir 5.0

Heir 10.0

HP: Next it finishes at the `should I tell my significant other what I paid for these price bracket. The IEM 5.0, IEM 8.0 and finally the flagship universal of Heir audio the IEM 10.0 with a whopping 10 drivers.
MD: The 8.0 shares the same sound signature with its cousin, CIEM 8.A. With IEM 8.0, you own a music world of full kinds of music genres, no matter magnificent classical, passionate rock roll, profound blues, and relaxing country music and so on. Definitely, IEM 8.0 is the optimal choice for both professional musician and music enthusiasts who pursue for perfection.
The 5.0 was created to fill up the gap between 4 driver and 8 drive monitors  and was the worlds first 5 driver universal IEM. This requires the same painstaking hand craftsmanship that all Heir Audio CIEMs require. The 5.0 was designed for those who cannot afford 8.0, but still demand a bit more power and sound stage. Its sound signature can be described as impactful lows, mellow middles, and non-fatiguing highs. It is a warm, fun sound signature, excelling in many music genres.

The much-anticipated IEM 10.0 has been finally released with brand-new faceplate and high-quality sound performance. As a flagship universal model of Heir Audio, IEM 10.0 has carried on the same innovative spirits of Heir Audio. Brand-new faceplates (Colors series) are applied for the first time as the symbol of youth, vitality and more individuation.

The Rendition

HP: Many of our readers only know of Heir Audio as a maker of in ears and might not know that you also produce a portable headphone amplifier, The Rendition. Please tell us about the rendition.
MD: The Rendition 1 is an exciting portable amp, that in keeping with Heir Audio tradition, sounds as good as it looks, and looks as good as it sounds. The make of this portable amp further illustrates the depth of technologies and innovation at Heir Audio, that is, we can design and build a wide range of music products. When we began to design this amp, we set up two goals: one is the sound quality and the other is long battery life. The sound quality can be described as “black” (quite) or without back ground hiss. The concept behind the amp was to add more “depth” and “control” to the music, rather than adding coloration. If bass is present in the music, the amp is there, waiting to add more depth; if there are highs in the music, the amp delivers those as well cleanly and clearly.
Rendition 1 has a long battery life of nearly 50% more of those similar products on the market. In case you may not find this, this amp has the same carbon fiber design as its monitor counterparts. Those are the perfect match!

HP: You have several products up and coming. Could you tell us a little about them.
MD: Wow, so far this is a long interview but this topic is certainly more interesting one. Yes we do have a number of new products on the design. Some of them are the actual expansion of the present products and some are considered as the top of the top! Yes your guess is absolutely correct: we have worked on a 12 driver for some time now. This 12.A model is nearly completed but still going through our standard testing process. I can tell you that I am lucky to hear its sound last week. I was totally taken by its power and performance. Say the sound difference is very much like a 14 bit CD in comparison to a magnetic tape! Once it is ready, I will be very happy to share with you first.

HP: Can you share any specs with us? Tell us about your technology. (NOTE: The technology section on your website is an interesting read - please expand).

MD: Well, for this subject, I may have to disappoint you. As you know, this business is quite competitive and there is still a lot that is considered as proprietary. At the moment we are still in the process of catching those who have stole our technologies or infringed our patents. I can only briefly tell you that we have created some amazing in-house technologies including DSP and 3D modeling. Those tools have approved to be effective to guide us to create more wonderful products. When the time comes, I believe we will be happy to engage in more detailed discussions on this.

HP: Is there a particular in house sound signature that Heir Audio is aiming at?

MD: Actually, unlike others, Heir Audio intends to create a wide range of products with different sound signatures. We strongly believe listening to music is quite a personal experience in that not only music genre is individualized, but also the tool that conveys the music, that is the monitors in this case. That is why we have developed a full line of monitors with different sound signatures. We hope no matter what you like or where you are from, you can always find something that fits you from Heir Audio.

HP: Tell us a little about any future plans for your company.

MD: 2015 is one of the best years for us. And we think 2016 will be an even better year. There are a number of significant developments at Heir Audio. First we have expanded! Yes this expansion will allow us to have three labs and 2 large manufacturing facilities in three cities in China. We will double our workforce including RD and production. Right now we are approached by some well known luxury brands to work together. There are many exciting things to happen and just watch out for us.

HP: Thank you for your time.

MD: It’s my pleasure and thanks for having me here.

HP: I really liked hearing more about Heir Audio. I urge my readers to take a look at your instagram account to see all the different variations that heir produces.


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