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IEM10.0-You ask for it and we have delivered it!

You ask for it and we have delivered it!

The much-anticipated IEM 10.0 will make its debut on September 15, 2015. Heir 10.0 is more than a monitor equipped with 10 power drivers to deliver the ever dynamic performance, but comes in style, the unique signature of Heir Audio.As a flagship universal monitor, Heir Audio 10.0 has been built on its much successful custom counterpart, Heir 10.A. The configuration of 10 drivers in a very small shell is the results of acoustic engineering innovation and persistent effort to seek perfection in sound and appearance. The faceplate of 10.0 has adopted the latest discovery of the exotic wood with natural jade texture. As one professional musician puts it" Heir 10.0 has fundamentally changed my listening experiences, something that I never would imagine, and holding the pair of music jewelry in my hands itself is a pure enjoyment!"

Launched as the same time is the Heir 10.0, premium package 10.0+, offering the exclusive choice of wood styles, premium cables and a bundle of goodies. More details will be announced on Sept 1, 2015 and watch out for the preorder promotion from Sept 1 to 15, 2015. This will give you a 15% off of the retail price.

Jump up in the Heir and grab this opportunity!

We need your suggestions!

Dear Heir Audio supporters,

We are planning to release universal model of 10.A-IEM 10.0 and we need your suggestions!

Please feel free to let us know any of your ideas about the price, design etc. or any expectation for it. You can send your suggestion to my mail: sunny@micro-dsp.com

Thank you and best regards.

                                                                                                                             Heir Audio

                                                                                                                             May 5, 2015

Wish the IT show success!
Happy New Year!
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