Review - Heir Audio 10+ Universal IEM

Let’s get straight into the song of choice which is by Doug Macleod and the track is Black Knight (CD – Rip in Flac); a great Acoustic Blues song from his album ‘There’s a time’.  
His guitar playing sounds lifelike with thick and rich tones; you can clearly hear him plucking the strings and finger movements on the fretboard of the guitar.  The bass player sounds very nice with excellent depth and impact; the drummer in the mix can be heard slowly brushing the skins of his drums.  Then when Doug sings his voice is slightly projected forward with his silky rich tone.  
The soundstage of the Heir Audio 10 is very wide with a good sense of depth and instrument placement and separation are T.O.T.L.  The bass is big while the sub-base goes very deep.  The mids are slightly forward and liquid smooth and resolving with no upper spike.  The treble has plenty of shimmer and great extension with a good amount of body.  Overall I would say that the Heir 10 has a big sound and slightly on the warm side of neutral.  It also has good macro detail and is musical because of its slightly elevated bass.  
The Heir 10 has expanded my perspective to include a wider range of genres of music as opposed to listening to a narrow range of music.  I now enjoy a greater variety of styles.

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