Brand Story

The Heir Audio was formed based on more than 25 years of experience in the field of audiology, music and artistic designs. Heir Audio was established to serve fellow audio enthusiast around the world.
Heir Audio: Unique in Every Way.
Heir Audio was created because there is a strong need for quality custom in-ear monitors with unique designs and artistic expressions. After a long time of preparation, we set out to create monitors performing excellent functionalities and more importantly combining the best of audio-visual value. We believe that hearing without visual enhancement is just reduced to a mere auditory reception. We hope each Heir Audio monitor is just like a unique carefully crafted watch that one enjoys not only for telling time, but wearing itself brings the greatest pleasure. Together our joined efforts, along with a fully dedicated team have made happy hundreds of thousands of music lovers from 38 countries and regions across the five continents in a very short period of time!
Heir Audio has its manufacturing facilities located in China and supported by more than 70 patents in sound engineering and sound processing, and the best craftsmanship in designing and building high end custom in-ear monitors. Heir Audio products are designed for people like you, audio enthusiasts.  Heir Audio carries a product line that caters to many different acoustic tastes. Products range from flat frequency response, to hard hitting bass coupled with crisp highs. Be prepared for crystal clean highs, allowing you to hear recording nuances that you never noticed before, be prepared for a bass response that belongs in your living room, and be prepared for audio ecstasy.
At Heir Audio, innovation and inspiration guide the fast development of this small lab. What really has motivated Heir Audio is many touching stories told by people from the global audiophile community, each story has convincingly validated the mission of Heir Audio that Heir Audio monitors (8 A, 4 A, 5.0...) convey music as well-built instruments, and, as time goes by, is turning into a piece of art, a memory and a history staying with their owners forever. Each Heir Audio monitor is unique and exquisite in material, design, craftsmanship, and more importantly the touch that each Heir Audio technician has put on. As Heir Audioer jokingly state: there is no comparison among them!
It is exactly because of this reason that when each new employee joins the company, she or he will be told of those stories to be reminded of how important her or his job is to each new owner of Heir Audio monitors. The staff strongly believes in the value and work they create as if they have given life to a piece of plastic or a chunk of exotic wood.
This is the story about how Heir Audio monitors are made and appreciated as one user rightfuly put it" Thanks Heir for enlightening me by sending these and would love doing business with Heir is as much of a pleasure as listening to the 4.Ai."