Review of 5.A from Graham Drummond

Best headphones EVER! There is absolutely nothing bad that I can say about Heir Audio or my new custom in ears, so let me tell you all the good stuff!
I have the custom in ear monitors (CIEM) model 5.A, custom fit with FIVE precision tuned drivers. Insane…I know! I sent over my ear impressions and received them approximately a month ago now, and can’t keep them out of my ears.  Having the opportunity to design them myself was a difficult but rewarding task, as there were soo many options to choose from. From start to finish, the process was extremely quick and I was kept in the loop every step of the way, thanks to Sunny and his crew. My CIEM’s fit perfectly. Period. I have no issues getting them properly in my ears, and have no issues with them falling out. Playing gig after gig, I have also noticed that I never get tired of wearing them. No matter how long they are in my ears, they feel like I have just put them in. Being a drummer, I have searched endlessly for a pair of in ears that would work for me. I needed specific in ears that would allow me to play as loud as I wanted, while protecting my ears at the same time. It was also important for me to hear every single little thing that I was playing, ghost notes and flams, on every drum that I was hitting, snare and kick etc. I am proud to say that these CIEM’s did not disappoint and have offered me more than I could have imagined. These CIEM’s are made super hard hypoallergenic acrylic shells. Which, for a drummer, is awesome because I am never afraid of breaking them. The dual bore design allows for exceptionally easy cleaning and supreme sound quality. Probably my favorite feature of all, besides the look, feel and sound of them, is the detachable cable. How many musicians out there can attest to throwing out there favorite pair of in ears simply due to fraying of the cable? I know I have. If this were to ever happen to these CIEM’s all I would have to do is replace the cable, and that’s it! There hasn’t been a gig that has gone by where someone has asked specifically about my in ears.  The incredibly versatile sound, superior comfort and fit and unique stylish looks, for me make my CIEM’s the best pair of in ears I have ever laid my hands on. I am extremely blessed and proud to be a part of the Heir Audio team and can’t wait to spread the word!